The giant

This artwork is made by the American artist Nicole Eisenman, and is called: Love or generosity

Take a look at the right hand of this friendly bowing giant, in which he is holding an owl. The owl has been known as a wise bird since Classical antiquity. The giant is also holding an arrow, a symbol for perseverance and focus since the old Persians. The last thing he is holding is an acorn, which has been protecting mankind from evil since time immemorial and stands for growth and patience.

Which of the three symbols appeal to you the most?

What symbols are important in your own life?

As we can read on KAAN news:

Over five meters tall, ‘Love or Generosity’ fits well with the new ten-storey courthouse, depicting a gatekeeper of the court: “not a guard but a gentle figure radiating ease and comfort.” Despite the height of the statue, the friendly attitude of the “gatekeeper” ensures that the statue does not deter visitors, but rather attracts and evokes curiosity.