Crystal healing II science & history

11 januari 2019

In my last blog, I introduced several ways to use crystal healing in your daily life. However, I found it hard to not go into the deeper details of the crystal healing method. Because there is so much more left to explain, I decided telling you a little more about the method, the history and even the science behind it!

Crystals and ancient cultures

The method of crystal healing dates far back and was already used by a variety of ancient cultures. One of the oldest amulets – made out of Amber- was used more than 30 million years ago (Scialla, 2018). Later, crystal healing was used by the ancient Egyptians to cure diseases and protect themselves from negative energy. Gemstones got buried with the death and offered protection in the afterlife. Similar rituals were probably used by the Maya’s and the Greek, as many gemstones, amulets and carved crystals have been found. But why did they use these crystals?

The science behind crystal healing

You might be familiar with the theory that everything around us is nothing but energy. You, me, the wind and stars, everything. The atoms and cells in our body can correspond, absorb and emit energies from the surrounding. Therefore, every living soul and every object has its own energy field. Scientists have already figured out long ago how to use the energy of crystals for all kind of things. Rose quartz, for example, tells the time and is used in watches. Other crystals are used in modern technology such as smartphones, computers and scientific machines. Also, crystals can tell us a lot of the past. In my study Geology, I learn how to measure time and how to reconstruct events of the past by using crystals and their absorbed energy.

All this tells us that crystal healing and gemstone therapy might not be as ‘spiritual’ as it might sound and that –perhaps- there is a scientific explanation. Let’s have a further look into how the physical body, the spirit and this energies are connected!

Crystal healing and the physical body

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the human body contains seven centres of energy; the so called Chakras. These Chakras are located along the spine, from around your tailbone all the way up to the crown. Each Chakra affects the energies of the surrounding organs, including several imbalances, disorders, illnesses etc. that go along with these parts of the body. Also, each Chakra is sensitive to a different vibration (and wavelength) of energy. The 1st Root Chakra, for instance, corresponds to the so called ‘lower energies’ that have a long wavelength and low vibration, while the Crown Chakra interacts with ‘high energies’ of a short wavelength and a high vibration. Since we just learned that everything around us is emitting energy  and since energy fields can interact with each other, the Chakras can be influenced by negative or positive energy from the surrounding. Energies can get absorbed by the atoms in our body and penetrate our energetic field, or vice versa; be blocked by it. This affects our physical and mental wellbeing. You might notice this in daily life by feeling totally worn out after a day of socializing. You might need some time to literally re-energize your system. Besides, activities and social activities can also give you energy! It is all about finding the balance.

Now, let’s get back to the crystals again. Each crystal has it’s own physical property of being able to absorb and emit energy. The way the atoms are structured differs from crystal to crystal and is called the crystal lattice. Depending on the shape of this lattice, the atoms in the crystal can absorb and emit energy of a certain wavelength and vibration. Now, here’s the link! This physical property causes the crystals to be able to affect our energetic fields and Chakras. If one of our Chakras is low in energy, using the right crystal can work in a re-energizing way. Also, absorbing crystals can be used to prevent overwhelming and anxious feelings, caused by negative energies penetrating our energy fields. If you feel like giving it a try: in my previous blog I have listed some of the most used crystals, their corresponding Chakra(s) and their effect on our body and mind.

So to come to an end, we’ve seen that re-energizing, protecting and curing the physical and spiritual body this way can thus be (partly) scientifically explained. It is a ritual that dates far back and is used in many different cultures from all over the world. Alternative healing is becoming more popular nowadays and also in the medical world many alternative rituals and habits are getting integrated. It might always keep it’s ‘witchery’ kind of atmosphere, but maybe that is just what makes it so interesting for us to use. Don’t think too hard about it though. Always use your intuition and most of all, do it your way.

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Door: Vera Hoogland


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