Welcome to NEWConnective

How do you give meaning to life? How can you make a meaningful contribution to the world? How do you prepare for adversity and loss? What would you like to get better at?

At NEWConnective, we ask good questions to have real conversations, to find a connection with yourself and others. Questions you don’t always need to have an answer to, but which are definitely important, especially as a student. Questions that are sometimes overshadowed by other important matters, like deciding what study programme to pick, or shaping your social life.

NEWConnective organizes events about personal development, (folk) wisdoms, and quests for meaning. During our great prejudice dinner we aim to underline the consequences of our prejudices, we also give workshops for study associations, and have conversations about loss in mourning groups. We bring people together from all backgrounds to discuss and reflect on these topics, in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

We make sure to send you home with plenty of new insights and a feeling of connection. On to the next important question.