An evening on Time

dinsdag 7 december om 19:30 3D@VU & online

This evening is about the many aspects of Time and the role it plays in our lives.

Where do we even begin? The experience of time, our time management, or time as an illusion? 

‘Time flies when you’re having fun’, but when you’re not, minutes can feel like hours. Your experience of time is always different: think of going on vacation, or waiting for the train to arrive. Doing an exam, or dancing in the club (until 5… pm).

As a student you are supposed to be on time: in class, to get the train or the metro, to register for a new course, at work, on a date. Being too late is often regarded as disrespectful or as a sign of failing to manage your agenda, or maybe even your life.

Time management

We tell others we don’t have time for them, because something else has a priority. We always seem to be busy, never having enough time for the things we really want to do. When did we stop being in charge of what we spend our time on? Where did we get that feeling of having to be busy and productive all the time? Or, during the corona months, that we have to keep ourselves busy, but frustratingly can’t?

Should we be surprised that our preoccupation with time has led to more burnouts among even youngsters?

What would you want to know about our habits around time? Share your thoughts with us and other students, and join our event on Time! And you know what, try not to be on time 😉 Twenty minutes early, ten minutes late… (don’t overdo it though). 


  • There’s music, quotes, and poetry
  • A live stream with master student Angelique van de Beek (RUG) to offer us sharp and fresh philosophical input
  • Good questions to talk about in good company
  • Plenty of time… or not enough time

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You can attend online through Zoom or live at 3D.

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