De-stressing Society

maandag 21 maart om 18:30

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On the 21st of March, we’re organizing the evening De-stressing Society. We will discuss the implications of our contemporary society when it comes to feeling like we should always be achieving something, but also show that we need and can de-stress. 

How not to relax

As Paul Verhaeghe, professor in psychoanalysis, said: “Too many people are damaged by this society. Mankind is not made for a society like this.”

Our weekends have turned into days filled with things we have to do, instead of days to relax. Every free moment we have is filled with expectations: pursue our hobbies, and hopefully, one day turn them into a business. Read, at least two books a month. Also: one of them should be a book on how to improve yourself. But don’t forget to relax, in a productive way: sports, meditation, cooking. We can’t just sit and do nothing. And before you know it – you’re burnt out.

Why are we pressuring ourselves so much? And how much of that is society’s fault? How can we slow down in a world that saves time on anything, but yet goes faster than ever?

About the event

The evening consists of three parts:

First, we are inviting a midwife/doula. She will talk about the relationship between mother and child, especially when the mother was under high stress during pregnancy. Then, students will be telling about their experiences of life after having a burnout. 

Finally, we will actually be de-stressing, by interacting with each other, sharing personal experiences. But also by paying attention to the interaction between our body and mind.

No pressure, time to start relaxing. 

When: 21st of March, 6.30 pm
Where: 3D, Debate center, VU Amsterdam

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