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Life & loss: being caregiver and student at the same time

woensdag 11 november om 10:00

Next week is the week of the caregivers. When we think of informal care, we often think of older people who have to take care of a sick loved one, and much less of young people, such as students, who take care of a loved one in addition to their own lives. There are many students who have this difficult task. While most student carers will happily do this, it will also come with a lot of stress and grief. How do you maintain your motivation for study, how do you not lose your own (social) life and what is your identity even more than a caregiver?


NEWConnective thinks this is such an important theme that we will pay attention to it on our socials all day on Wednesday  11 November. We provide information about the theme, have an online conversation with expert Marjorie Wielkens, student counsellor at VU, organizing a Coffee and Meaning event about this theme (see our website) and student carers have their say. Our program maker Nora will do a take over at Instagram about this theme on Tuesday 10 November.

Stay tuned, and if you want to make your own contribution, please email

Read Nora’s blog on this subject in Dutch:


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