Life & Loss

Life & Loss

vrijdag 20 november om 19:30



Just like everyone else, you will experience loss throughout your life. Period

But how do you navigate throughout this ever changing landscape of loss? A good start is joining us this evening! Here you connect with other students, gain meaningful insights on the subject and enjoy music that will move you.

Loss will present itself in different ways: missing your home as a safe place, losing your future plans because of a disruptive disease, finding yourself left alone after a beloved one broke off the relationship or …died.

Apparently you can’t compare all those different experiences. However, on a certain level they do have something in common:

Loss always changes your life and challenges your adaptive power to the new reality. This process we call grief.

What does grief do to our body and soul? And how does it affect our relationships? How do we cope with our losses? What are helping rituals? And how do mourning youngsters from different religions or cultures perform them?

This evening on life and loss will bring you:

  • A deeper understanding of the processes that grief entails
  • A sense for the needs of a grieving person
  • Knowledge of meaningful rituals around loss
  • A good dose of heartwarming music
  • Save ambiance to share your own experiences on loss. 

….And if you just want to listen to others, that’s okay too!

This evening will be live streamed on ZOOM. After registration you will receive the direct link. 

With Love,

Team NEWConnective 

Janneke, Niki, Nora & Riekje

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