mouning group

Mourning group: Loss & Life

Support group for students who have to deal with the death of a beloved person.


“Death is a part of life”, you often hear. But if it happens to someone who is close to you, it can knock you off your feet. It feels like your world collapses, your focus is disappearing, sometimes your studies get difficult or even impossible. Life itself seems to be stripped of all shine. After a while you may get the feeling that your environment no longer holds space for your grief. Someone’s death can also raise questions about meaning, hope, despair and about live itself.

Support group

In this support group for students you meet companions who are going through loss themselves and therefore need only half a word to understand you. You listen to each other’s stories, recognize the pain, the unmeasurable sadness, the anger or your own fear. You walk along with each other for a while, support each other and have fun (that too!). There’ll be enough room for questions about life and death as well.


Information about the mourning group

After the mourning group (6-8 students) has started, it is closed for others.
An introductory interview is mandatory.


When and where

Intake with counselor: Friday January 10th

Time: Email us for a time slot for your intake.

Start group: Friday January 17th, 13.00-15.15 pm (to be confirmed)

Frequency: Weekly, for 8-10 times

Place: Nieuwe Herengracht 18, Amsterdam

Counselors: Riekje van Osnabrugge and Niki van Houten

Costs: Free

Contact us for more information 06 40899732 06 24984198


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