22 Jan: Meet-Up on Feeling Homesick

woensdag 22 januari om 19:45


It’s not just children who can feel homesick while being away from their parents. We can all long for a place, a person or a moment in life.

For example, as students, living in a new city or even a new country. As a refugee, leaving home without the possibility of ever returning.

Why do we get homesick? What happens in our bodies when we are longing to be somewhere else? What can we do to make the situation a bit better?

At this Meet-Up we will provide different perspectives on feeling homesick. For example, did you know taking paracetamol might help? Listen to an expert on homesickness, hear some melancholic tunes and let stories on feeling homesick carry you away.

Join us this Meet-Up, and learn how to long for home without getting carried away by it.

Tickets: € 3,-

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