Mini Masterclass: Living a Good Life

woensdag 26 mei om 19:45 Zoom

In our fourth Mini Masterclass on the bigger questions of life, we will focus on what it means to live a good life. We aim to connect students with each other in these times, that’s why our Mini Masterclasses are focused on participation and connection.

Living a Good Life

Every day, we make decisions trying to make the best of our lives. We evaluate our own deeds and those of others, condemning or approving them. Whenever we are unsatisfied with the choices we made, we reflect on them, hoping we can make a better decision in the future.

But how do we decide what a good life entails?

  • How do you decide what makes for the right choice? 
  • Who or what taught you about wrong and right? 
  • What guides you in deciding to follow a certain belief or opinion? 
  • Have you ever let go of an idea that used to be a big part of your identity? 

In our fourth Mini Masterclass we will focus on these questions and many more. We hope to offer you some insights into your own ‘moral history’ and the several choices you can make to live a good life.

When? Wednesday 26th of May, 19.45 pm
Where? Zoom
Price: Free

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Mini Masterclasses

In our Mini Masterclasses, you can meet fellow students to connect with, as they are just like you on a journey to self-development. Every masterclass hosts an inspiring expert on the subject. Together we will reflect on the main theme of the Mini Masterclass by sharing our own experiences on the topic. NEWConnective uses tools to create a varied, exciting, and interactive online gathering. And on top of that, you receive a chapter of the Connect meBook when you join one or more of our Mini Masterclasses.

Connect MeBook

This Mini Masterclass is connected to the Connect MeBook, an eBook that helps you to get back in touch with yourself. Each chapter of the eBook is dedicated to a component of meaning. Roughly speaking, we can divide meaning into five important topics: wonder, purpose, belonging, living a good life, and vulnerability.

The Connect MeBook is an eBook in which you can connect with yourself by doing multiple reflections on meaning. And from which you can sincerely connect with others. The latter you can do during our Mini Masterclasses.

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