Mini Masterclass: Purpose

maandag 10 mei om 20:00 Zoom

In our third Mini Masterclasses, we will dive into the question What’s my purpose?

Having a purpose gives you perspective. Something to work for. Something to live for. It motivates to shape your life in the here and now. Being aware of what is important to you and having the feeling you are moving in that direction, keeps you up and running. However, not having a purpose or not being able to find the right direction in life can make you feel lost or can even bring up the feeling that ‘life is living you’ instead of the other way around.

So how do you know you’re on the right track when you don’t seem to be going anywhere? The answer might be hiding in your life values and cherishing your purpose during hard times. During the Mini Masterclass we are working on finding your life values!

“The soul which has no fixed purpose in life is lost; to be everywhere, is to be nowhere.”

―Michel de Montaigne

Is there such a thing as a fixed purpose? A divine destiny? If so, how do you recognize it? If not, what gives your life direction? How do you decide what to do with your life?

On Purpose

Join us on this interactive exchange, where we explore what (not) to do to experience a sense of purpose in your life. After watching a short inspirational video by Lenneke Post, we will have a personal workshop to reflect on these questions and others that will come up. We aim to connect students with each other in these times, that’s why our Mini Masterclasses is focused on participation and connection.

When? Wednesday 10th of May, 20.00 hours
Where? Zoom or live!
Price: 5 euro

Sign up via Eventbrite, places are limited to 12 participants.

If you sign up for the Mini Masterclass, you will receive the corresponding chapter of the Connect MeBook in your mail (see below).

Mini Masterclasses

In our Mini Masterclasses, you can meet fellow students to connect with, as they are just like you on a journey to self-development. Every masterclass hosts an inspiring expert on the subject. Together we will reflect on the main theme of the Mini Masterclass by sharing our own experiences on the topic. NEWConnective uses tools to create a varied, exciting, and interactive online gathering. And on top of that, you receive a chapter of the Connect meBook when you join one or more of our Mini Masterclasses.

Connect MeBook

This Mini Masterclass is connected to the Connect MeBook, an eBook that helps you to get back in touch with yourself. Each chapter of the eBook is dedicated to a component of meaning. Roughly speaking, we can divide meaning into five important topics: wonder, purpose, belonging, living a good life, and vulnerability.

The Connect MeBook is an eBook in which you can connect with yourself by doing multiple reflections on meaning. And from which you can sincerely connect with others. The latter you can do during our Mini Masterclasses. You can start with either the reflection assignments in the eBook or join the mini masterclass first, it’s up to you!

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