Mini Masterclass: Sense of Belonging

woensdag 14 april om 19:45 Zoom
€ 5,00

In our second Mini Masterclass, we will dive into the sense of belonging. We aim to connect students with each other in these times, that’s why our Mini Masterclasses are focused on participation and connection.

Sense of Belonging

What does it mean when we say we belong to a group? How does it feel to be excluded by another group? What do we need to experience a sense of belonging, and what hinders us? What can we do to feel at home with ourselves in the first place?

Join us on this interactive exchange, where we explore these feelings and questions. After watching a short inspirational video from Marieke Slootwater, we will have a personal workshop to reflect on these questions and others that will come up. 

Marieke Slootman is an engaged social scientist, working on themes of inequality and belonging. She researches ‘Diversity and inclusion’ at universities (UvA, VU) and other institutions. She is involved in VU diversity policy as Diversity Officer Education. 

When? Wednesday 14th of April, 19.45 pm
Where? Zoom
Price: 5 euro

Sign up via Eventbrite, places are limited to 12 participants!

If you sign up for the Mini Masterclass, you will also receive the corresponding chapter of the Connect MeBook (see below).

 “Belonging is the innate human desire to be part of something larger than us. Because this yearning is so primal, we often try to acquire it by fitting in and by seeking approval, which are not only hollow substitutes for belonging, but often barriers to it.” Brene Brown

Mini Masterclasses

In our Mini Masterclasses, you can meet fellow students to connect with, as they are just like you on a journey to self-development. Every masterclass hosts an inspiring expert on the subject. Together we will reflect on the main theme of the Mini Masterclass by sharing our own experiences on the topic. NEWConnective uses tools to create a varied, exciting, and interactive online gathering. And on top of that, you receive a chapter of the Connect meBook when you join one or more of our Mini Masterclasses.

Connect MeBook

This Mini Masterclass is connected to the Connect MeBook, an eBook that helps you to get back in touch with yourself. Each chapter of the eBook is dedicated to a component of meaning. Roughly speaking, we can divide meaning into five important topics: wonder, purpose, belonging, living a good life, and vulnerability.

The Connect MeBook is an eBook in which you can connect with yourself by doing multiple reflections on meaning. And from which you can sincerely connect with others. The latter you can do during our Mini Masterclasses.

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