[cancelled] NEWConnective’s Open Mic: Fall(ing) into Words

dinsdag 30 november om 19:00 3D@VU

[Unfortunately, we decided to cancel this event. Due to covid this event can’t take place in a safe enough environment.]

It’s time to hear your heart, head and soul speak. At our event Open Mic: fall(ing) into words you will be given the stage. Whether it’s a written piece, a song, a dance, a rap, or any other piece, you are welcome to share it.

The theme for the Open Mic is Autumn. A time for nature to get rid of her old clothes, for the days to become darker. For some of us it is a time to retreat, like nature getting ready for winter. For others it can be a time to reflect on the coming new year. But it is also a time filled with studying and socializing in light of the coming holidays. We’d love to hear what autumn means to you, how the dark days affect you, or how much you’re looking forward to those cozy holidays. If you have something to share and are ready to get on stage, let us know! 

Want to perform?

The event takes place in 3D, a beautiful performance space with a microphone. Do you want to participate as a performer? Send your contribution (max 15 min) to info@newconnective.nl. Don’t forget to invite your friends!

Just want to watch?

Do you just want to listen and enjoy what others have to share? Register via Eventbrite on this page.


The venue is at 3D@VU:

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