Read, Reflect, Repeat: NEWConnective’s book club

donderdag 16 december om 16:00 3D@VU

Welcome to our second book club! (students only) 

Due to covid, we had to postpone this event.

The theme of this book club is: Trust in yourself and others.

Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult lessons. Especially in times when normal life is turned upside down due to the corona crisis and we have no end in sight, yet. Trust in yourself, in others, in society; how do you hold on to trust or how do you practice trust when many of our certainties are uncertain and our freedoms are restricted by measures that may not always work? 

Writer Iyanla Vanzant states that trust is a verb, not a noun. It’s a state of mind and being. “If you are serious about learning to trust, you need tenacity, nerve, and time.” In her book Trust, she searches for ways to trust and discusses how some of life’s most shocking trust violations offer us the most profound opportunities for personal growth and healing.

Together we read and discuss a number of chapters from Trust by Iyanla Vanzant.

How does it work?

Sign up using the Eventbrite form on this page. We will send you the passages that we will use for the reading club.

About our book club

Every month we come together and discuss interesting and in-depth texts and books on current themes. These can be novels, popular scientific texts, or historical books. We discuss the sometimes obvious or hidden content and meanings of the text. You can attend a book club once, or all of them. We never make an entire book compulsory, so that in your busy student life you don’t have to read everything in a short time.

You already know that reading is fun, but it is also relaxing and educational. It increases your knowledge and ability to reflect by looking at your own world differently and by entering (un)known worlds and talking about it with others.


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