Read, Reflect, Repeat: philosophy & personal values

donderdag 19 mei om 16:00

At our upcoming book club, we are going to dive together into the topic of philosophy and personal values, a topic that the month of April was dedicated to: the Month of Philosophy.

Rumi, Rousseau and Buber

We’ll be reading: a deepening poem of the Islamic Rumi about inner development; a text of the secularist Jean Jacques Rousseau about the self and society; and a plea of the Jewish Martin Buber about servant leadership in personal life; and other traditions! 

We will ponder over what personal meaning means to us. These philosophical texts might shed a different light on your life and inspire you during your student life.

Even if you don’t like to be philosophical, you are also welcome to vent your heart about the texts!

How does it work?

Sign up via the form below. We will send you the passages that we will use for the reading club.

About the reading club

Every month we come together and discuss interesting and in-depth texts and books on current themes. These can be novels, popular scientific texts, or a historical book. In the group we discuss the sometimes obvious or hidden content and meanings of the text. You can attend a book club once, or all. We never make an entire book compulsory, so that in your busy student life you don’t have to read everything in a short time.

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