Room for Grief – rituals in religions

dinsdag 20 april om 19:45 Zoom

What rituals do religions have after a loved one dies? What do they have in common, and how are these rituals changing? What do you think happens to us after death?

At our event Room for Grief – rituals in religions, we will discuss these questions with three students from different backgrounds. There is also room to ask your own questions.

Room for Grief is a place for people who experienced a loss, where you can share your own experiences or just listen to others to feel connected. 

Grief around the world

Grief is something you will come across at least once in your life, no matter what your background is. Though, every culture and every religion has its own way of dealing with a loss. In Islam for example, buryings should take place as soon as possible, including a ritual to clean the body, while cremation is forbidden. In Christianity, it is also common to bury the dead but cremations are becoming more and more accepted. In clothing, many differences exist as well, from wearing black in Western cultures, white in Eastern Asia, and red in South Africa.

At our Room for Grief, we will learn about many other rituals from Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Join us by signing up via Eventbrite.

When? Thursday 20th of April, 7.45 pm – 9.15 pm
Where? @
Zoom or live in 3D!
Price: Free

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