Room for Grief – with filmmaker Marit van der Heijden

donderdag 10 juni om 19:00 3D@ VU and online

[students only]

This evening, we will be playing the movie The Other Side of Sadness (30 minutes).

The Other Side of Sadness

Marit van der Heijden (27) lost her father when she was 20 years old. As part of her studies at the HKU, she created a movie about her loss: The other side of sadness. 

What was it like for Marit to lose her father in this time of her life? How did creating this film help her in processing her loss? What role does the loss play in her life now?

After watching the movie, we will talk with Marit about her loss and the development of the movie. Of course, there is also room for questions from the audience.

Practical information

The movie is in Dutch with English subtitles.

Attendance is free, but places at the location itself are limited to 7! You can also join online. 

You can find us on the VU Campus: