Sharing Circle: The Energy of (dis)connection

vrijdag 23 oktober om 16:00

We offer you an informal Sharing Circle in a safe online environment, to exchange personal experiences of importance. Because connection is an essential part of your self care.

The Sharing Circle has its origins in sacred traditions in which sharing experiences are an important part of tradition, such as in Shamanism.
In a Sharing Circle everyone is equal and everybody belongs.

Participants learn to listen and respect the point of view of others. The intention is to open hearts to understand and connect with each other.

NEWConnective, as a platform for students & meaning, is inspired by this ancient method and gives respectfully its own twist on this.

Each Sharing Circle has its own theme, but always runs in the same way:

  • Everyone gets an equal, predetermined amount of talk time and reaction time
  • The speaker speaks as freely and openly as possible, respecting the time
  • When someone speaks, the other participants listen attentively and in silence
  • Afterwards, the speaker indicates whether they need a response
  • Respondents stay away from expressing opinions, tips, or comparisons with personal experiences / beliefs (unless explicitly requested) – they respond from the heart.
  • Everything shared in the circle stays in the circle. 100% confidentiality is requested from all participants.

Care to join this wonderful event on ZOOM?

Get your free tickets now! This Sharing Circle will me lead by Niki.

With Love,

Team NEWConnective



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