The energy of (dis)conncection

The energy of (dis)connection

woensdag 14 oktober om 19:30

What’s the science of (dis)connection? And what does (dis)connection do to us, human beings? An inspirational and personal evening full of connection.


Since Corona, our social values have been turned upside down. Something we previously thought was quite normal, now is anti-social and selfish: getting in touch!

We are virtually connected all the time, yet more than ever we experience feelings of disconnection.

What is the impact of being disconnected? What does science tell us?

What’s the meaning behind being (dis)connected? And how about the consequences for our day to day life?

We offer an inspiring evening full of meaningful encounters and connection.


Here’s a little in-depth on the subject already:

An event full of profound reflection:

During this special event, we encounter several reflections, such as:

  • What happens to us in body & mind when we are feeling (dis)connected to others?
  • On what levels can we experience (dis)connection?
  • What do we need to feel connected? And why do we need this?
  • What are the benefits of being (dis)connected?
  • Are there ways to cope with being/feeling lonely?

Stuff to think about…

This event may be a starting point for you to reflect on this subject on a deeper level and to get some new insights. We aren’t used to talk much about our feelings or experiences of loneliness. How come? And what about our vocabulary -what words express how we feel and cover the meaning of our experiences?

Alltogether, this complex and layered subject is since Corona even more urgent and is just waiting to be explored!

What you can expect from this event:

  • Inspirational speakers
  • New insights on the subject
  • Artistic intermezzo
  • Loads of stuff to wrap your head & heart around
  • Meaningful conversations with peers & professionals
  • Opportunities to connect and meet engaged people just like you!

Bonus_dis connection


Because of the high relevance of the topic,  you get premium access to our digital development platform.

Via mijn.newconnective you can view, listen, read, and join all about (dis)connection. By simply purchasing your ticket, you will get all the information you need to set up an account.




De Zolder (vanLimmickhof)

Nieuwe Keizersgracht 1 A



This evening will be a blended experience that can be followed both live and digitally.

Much love,

Team NEWConnective


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