The One and Lonely Event

donderdag 21 oktober om 19:00

An evening on loneliness from different perspectives

How often do you talk about your experiences of feeling lonely? Do you ever think of the positive sides of being alone? And what about our vocabulary when we do talk about loneliness – what words do we use to express how we feel, and cover the meaning of our experiences?

This inspirational and personal evening will be filled with meaningful encounters and interesting discussion points like:

  • What happens in our body and our mind when we are feeling lonely: a scientific approach from a guest speaker;
  • The different levels where we can experience loneliness. For example, how can we feel lonely while being surrounded by our friends?
  • What we need to feel connected to others, and why this connection is so important;
  • The benefits of being lonely;
  • How we cope with being/feeling lonely in a world where everything revolves around being available, being connected.

You can also expect a student sharing their experiences about loneliness. 

This event may be a starting point for you to reflect on this subject on a deeper level and to get some new insights, even if you rarely feel lonely. Sign up via the form below.

This event follows up on the college tour ‘The art of loneliness’, for those who want to focus more on this topic. The FRT will discuss the topic of loneliness on October 15th with Flemish psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter. All in context of the Week Against Loneliness from September 30th to the 7th of October. We will also be filling this page on our website with all kinds of content about loneliness.


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