This is me! (Is it?)

vrijdag 22 januari om 14:00 Zoom

On Friday 22th of January from 2 pm, you can attend this inspirational workshop (online):

Am I who I think I am? First in a series of workshops to explore and question your images about yourself.

Most of the time you think you know who you are. So why question that image?

Knowing who you are, may feel comfortable, but it can limit and hinder you as well. So it can be liberating and encouraging to widen your perspective on yourself.

In this series of workshops, you will do lots of exercises and reflections alone and in small groups, and share your insights with other participants. You will be surprised how much more there is to know about yourself!

This Friday we offer you the first chapters from a workbook that NEWConnective compiled especially for you as a guide in your personal development. Further chapters will follow soon.

On February 17th you can join our bigger event: Identity & Inclusion: Who am I?

Join us and learn a bit more about who you are and who you want to be!

Buying a ticket gives you a ZOOM link for entrance to the workshop and the first part of the book with exercises.


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