Workshop: The Grief Body

vrijdag 27 november om 14:00
Find (new) words for (your) grief. In this powerful and intimate workshop, Babet will guide you through your own grief journey.

In this workshop:

we will tune into the wisdom of our bodies and listen to what it has to tell us. How does the grief feel in your body? What images come up, how would you describe it? If grief was a person, what would you tell it? We will share our experiences with each other and hopefully feel less alone in our experience of grief.

Furthermore, Babet will tell you about her dictionary of grief and you’ll see for yourself which experiences are important to you, what words are lacking and you might even come up with new words.

Babet from Verlieskunst would like to share her experience of loss with you. Babet lost her mom when she was 20 when she was studying Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. She felt like she didn’t have the words to describe her grief. In the years to follow, she started her own dictionary of grief. She wanted to create something that would help people tune into the wisdom of their bodies and take the time to describe those experiences, and take her own experiences as an example for what it could (not should) look like. She co-created the Verlieskaarten, postcards you can send when confronted with all kind of losses.

Artwork by Marlon Doomen

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