20 januari 2017

”I’m an international student from Modena, Italy and I’m studying neuroscience; basically I’m doing a minor on the subject brain and mind. In Italy I’m an art student, my main focus is on visual arts but also on the psychological and physical perspective of art.
I’m studying art not because of art itself, but because I’m really interested in all the inner wars inside of us when we look at art and the emotional responses that we are having during this process.
A lot of times in our life – also in art, actually art is a perfect example for me- we don’t know why we (emotionally) react on something the way we do. I want to understand what actually happens, and to understand that I have to understand how the brain works in this kind of process.

When you’re staying somewhere else you change a lot of the things that you do and your identity also changes somehow. When I went back home during the Christmas break I was different; I felt myself split between two different places: I’m not just from my home country anymore, but I’m neither just from here. So: where am I? Sometimes I feel a little lost, but at other times it’s just exciting, because I’m moving, I’m developing – and I love movement.
The problem here, in Amsterdam is that there are too much things to see; too many movies, too many museums. There is always something new to experience. Maybe I should slow down a little bit; I’m in this sort of manic phase and I’m waiting till I adapt to all this because when you see all these different things you also need a way to digest. But on the other hand: I don’t know where I will be in six months, so in this time period I want to see and experience as much as possible.”

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