16 februari 2018
“I came here for my studies, PPLE which is Political sciences, Psychology, Law and Economics. From there I want to find out what direction I want to go. I’m in my first year now and I love the course and love the people, they’re amazing.
I’ve always loved Amsterdam, and my sister studied here, so I decided to come here when I was deciding between Amsterdam and London. I love the water, the “grachten”, and especially love Amsterdam when you can see the sky and it’s not super windy. But from home I miss the snow. At least in Vienna when it’s cold, it’s snowing, and not just wind and rain!| This Valentine’s day I don’t have anything special planned. My Australian friend and fellow student has all of his Australian friends coming over for Valentine’s, and we’re going on a pub-crawl… So this Valentine’s eve it’s just going to be me and lots of drunk Australian boys… Nothing special, haha!”

– Lilly Huber from Vienna, Austria

Tekst en beeld: Lauri Beckmans