NEWConnective’s Walk #2

You’re here because you’ve signed up for VU Walks. Here you can find an inspirational walk for enough topics to cover with your walking buddy.

Let art inspire you

This walk will take you from the VU Campus Square via some public artworks through a part of Amsterdam South and the Beatrixpark, back to the University. You will come across a friendly giant, a collection of spheres, and a sculpture that represents ‘new life’. At every stop, you can take your time to observe the artwork and reflect on the related questions in the link.

The walk takes about 1 hour, but you can extend it by taking as many breaks as you like. Good conversations can last for hours!

How does it work?

All you have to do is enter your email address. After you click submit, you will receive an email with instructions and a personal link to the map (this can take some time). Check your spam! Don’t worry, we won’t use your email address for anything else.

Go to the starting point (Boelelaan 1105) and click start for your first instructions. The rest of the links on the map will lead you to questions that are connected to the selected spots.