Sessions on Life #3: Rituals, Yoga & Ayurveda

13 januari 2021

In this Sessions on Life, NEWConnective’s Niki talks to Sarah Mead about her worldview, the things that inspire her, the daily rituals she performs and the wisest lessons Sarah has learned so far. This inspiring conversation gives you a sneak peak into what rituals you might incorporate into your life. But there is more to life, Sarah says, as she emphasizes the raw parts of life as well. See how at the end of the conversation the subject sifts into a deeper understanding of life.

Sarah (31) was born in Haarlem on a tropical summer day in late August 1989. She’s studying to become a spiritual caretaker and currently in her masters ‘Spiritual Care’ at the VU faculty Theology & Religious Studies. She has always been on the lookout for the sacred and beautiful things in life, nowadays with the support of Ayurveda and yoga. She likes to call herself a creative alchemist and loves to make the world around her more colorful and meaningful. She also loves to read books, go treasure hunting, make art, attend lectures & workshops, and visit so-called ‘transformational’ festivals. Topics that interest her are living together in a conscious way, the power of ritual, and breaking the taboo around death. The unifying factor in all projects she approaches is the belief that we can, together, make our inner world and therefore our outer world a little better -and more colorful- every day. She is blessed with working in a yoga studio alongside like-minded people who share this belief. Her dream is to open her own practice as a spiritual caretaker/ path counselor with a focus on integrating death in today’s world.

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