The Powers Of Crystal Healing: A beginners Guide for Daily Life

22 augustus 2018

Door: Vera Hoogland – Writer of NEWConnective

The Powers Of Crystal Healing: A beginners Guide for Daily Life

Crystal healing. This witchery-sounding way of using crystals has its roots back in the ancient Indian cultures but is becoming more popular nowadays. The first time I heard of it was three years ago. As a geologist, I have always been interested in crystals and I wore them often as jewellery, but I had never encountered them as something magical or healing. Now I like to see Crystal Healing as a fun way to use my crystals. In this blog I’d like to explain the basics and share some tips to use crystals in your daily life!

Crystal Healing and Chakra’s

Mostly, Crystal Healing is combined with the Chakra System. Briefly explained, the Chakra System is based on seven energetic centres in the body, the so called chakras. Each chakra has its’ own influence on the body and mind. If the energy flows fluently from chakra to chakra and if the chakras are ‘opened’, the body and mind are free of problems, anxiety, pain and other mental/physical issues.

Together with each chakra comes a handful of crystals of which the energy has a positive influence on the linked chakra. It depends on the chakra you want to re-energise which crystal is best to use. To find this out, it is best to follow the following steps and to listen to your body and intuition as much as possible.

  1. Find out where the blockage is. What complains do you have and what do you wish to heal/improve? Make it specific. Several yoga and meditation practices can help you to find the right chakra that goes along with it.


  1. Have you found your ‘right chakra’ that goes with your complains? Great! Now it is time to link the chakra to a crystal, which is the fun part. Simple lists of chakras and crystals are easily found on the internet. Below, I will list some of the most important crystals.


  1. There is not just one crystal linked to each chakra. This is because the chakras are all complex energetic centres. But no worries! Most of the time, the description of the healing power of the crystal is a little more extensive than just the chakra. Here it is important to listen to your intuition again. Which crystal are you drawn to?


Bring it to your daily life

Once you have found your crystal, there are several ways to carry it with you and use it in daily life. Personally, I wear my crystals as a necklace or ring. If I want to use different crystals for a shorter period of time to boost my chakra’s, I wear them around my neck in a pouch. This way, I will always carry them with me.

With these tips and tricks, I hope to have given you a little more insight to what Crystal Healing can do. It is most important to listen to your body and intuition while choosing your crystals, it should always feel right. Feel free to play around and find your way of using your crystals in your daily life!


Overview of some Crystals and their Healing Powers

Amethyst (Throat Chakra) Improving emotional intelligence, calming, promotes balance and peace.
Rose Quartz ( Heart Chakra) Enhances self-love and love towards others. It boosts your love life in any possible way.
Malachite  (Crown & Heart Chakra) ‘The stone of transformation’. It helps you to deal with changes in your life. Stimulates clear thinking and controls emotions.
Moonstone(Third Eye Chakra) Healing, balancing, regain personal power. Gives you the wisdom to love yourself more.
Jasper (Crown & Throat Chakra) Gentleness, nurturing, unloads your heart. Protects from negative energies
Tigers Eye (Solar Plexus Chakra) Building confidence, masculine power. Connecting with the earth and grounding
Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra) The most efficient crystal, can be used for almost everything in combination with other crystals. Healing, cleaning and helping.
Hematite (Root Chakra) Shielding from physical attacks and building self-confidence. Protection of the aura from negative energies.
Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye Chakra) Empowers your thoughts, boosts critical thinking. New ideas and helps analysing.
Jade Helps dealing with difficult people. Balancing. Helps you to be patient.
Onyx Helps you to feel positive energies, enlightens, helps fighting off grief and depression. Hope, positivity.
Agate   Helps to express creativity and own personality. Freedom, love and forgiveness.
Carnelian ( Solar Plexus Chakra) Helps you ground and anchoring to reality. Stabilizing. Physical energy.
Aventurine   Gives you a strong presence around other people. Helps against anxiety. Calming.
Amazonite   Energy filter. Helps you balancing your energies and filters negative energies from surrounding.