NEWConnective’s Walk #1: Walk & Talk for 2

29 januari 2021

The most meaningful city walk

Take this interactive Walk & Talk through the city of Amsterdam with a friend and discover unknown parts of yourself and your strolling partner — in your own time. During this walk, you will pass several spots in the city that we selected especially for you, including a discount for some delicious coffee! These places will inspire you to think about what you value in life. The walk takes about 1,5 hours, but you can extend it by taking as many breaks as you like. Good talks may last for hours!

How does it work? 

Link to map:

For iPhone

For Android

  1. Open the map when you are at Nieuwe Herengracht 18. 
  2. Click on the left yellow point (START) and find the instructions in the description.
  3. Your walk ends after clicking on the right yellow point (End)

We wish you good conversations and lots of inspiration!

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You can do the tour whenever you want, for as many times as you like. Have fun!

Walking sharpens our senses and brain.” —  Shane O’Mara

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Why Walk & Talk?

Walking is one of the healthiest things to do, for your mind and body. Apart from the physical benefits, it also does a lot for your brain. While walking, it becomes easier to organize and reflect on your thoughts. 

Walking and reflecting often go hand in hand, here’s why:

  • It strengthens the unity between body and mind;
  • It helps you to direct your attention, to focus;
  • Walking not only literally sets you in motion, but also mentally and emotionally;
  • It gives you peace of mind, which creates space to reflect.

By walking with someone you can talk to each other about your reflections. Try to really listen to each other and ask questions, so you get to know yourself, the other, and the city even better.